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Eagar Scenic

Located in the beautiful High Country of Arizona, enjoying four seasons of the year, Springerville and Eagar are the Gateway to your White Mountain adventure! Christened "Valle Redondo" or Round Valley by its founder, Juan Baca, the beautiful sister cities of Springerville and Eagar lie tucked in a high mountain valley. 

Springerville and Eagar offer the closest accommodations to many of the hundreds of lakes and streams in the White Mountains. They are just minutes from Apache Sunrise Ski Resort - one of the Southwest's premier downhill snow ski facilities. As the "Gateway To The White Mountains" people of diverse backgrounds
have for centuries journeyed to this high mountain valley to enjoy its natural cultural amenities whether in search of rest, or recreation. 

The White Mountain Historical Park and old Fort Redondo give the visitor a further look into the area's diverse cultural background. A variety of shops welcome the visitor and many festivals are held throughout the year. A Christmas Electric Light Parade and 4th of July Parade highlight the many activities held during the year in these sister communities in addition to the many things to see and do. 

The Little House Museum

The Little House Museum is an authentic presentation of ranching, outlaw, and pioneer history. A truly unique museum nestled in the majestic canyon walls of the Little Colorado River, The Little House Museum features a collection of local history including, historical photos and mementos marking the passage of time and style of
life. Revisit a way of life in the newly restored Husley House. 

The Museum is located seven miles west of Eagar on South Fork Road, then three miles south of Highway 260. 

The 26 Bar Ranch 

The 26 Bar Ranch, located in Eagar on State Route 260, is steeped in the history of the Hereford industry. Back in the 1940's it was part of the famous Milky Way Ranch. The big white show barn, under the hill outside of town, has become one of the local landmarks. This ranch and show barn have been the home for many top Hereford cattle that have made their mark in the Hereford industry.

In more recent times the ranch has become noted as the 26 Bar Ranch or John Wayne's Ranch. The 26 Bar Ranch was started in 1964 by three forward-thinking businessmen. Along with Mr. Wayne, was Ken Reafsnyder (associated with Knott's Berry Farm in Los Angeles), and Louis Johnson (cotton farmer and businessmen from Stanfield, Arizona). After the death of John Wayne, the ranch was sold to Karl Eller with John Johnson staying on as general manager. 

Renee Cushman Art Museum 

In a special wing of the new meeting house for the Springerville and Eagar Third Wards of the Mormon Church visitors will find the Renee Cushman Art Museum. The Museum contains an engraving attributed to Rembrandt, three pen drawings by Tiepolo, and dozens of other pieces of art and furniture dating from the Renaissance to the early twentieth century. This remarkable collection was a gift to the members of the Church by Mrs. Renee Scharf Cushman. 

The museum is open by appointment only. Call the Round Valley Chamber of Commerce at (520)333-2123 for more information. 

Casa Malpais Indian Ruins 

Located two miles north of Springerville on State Route 60, Casa Malpais is a ruin of the Mogollon Indian Culture. The Mogollon, Sinagua, Anasazi, and Hohokam Indians were the primary tribes in the region from the 11th century to the 14th century. Most historians believe the tribes departures were related to climatic changes around the 1300's.

The museum is on Main Street in Springerville where the guided tours originate. 

Coronado Trail Scenic Byway 

State Route 666 from Morenci to Springerville is known as the Coronado trail. This is reported to be the trail taken by Francisco Vasques de Coronado in his search for the Seven Cities of Cibola over four centuries ago. This route passes through some of the most beautiful countryside in this part of the State and is known as one of our nation's top ten scenic byways. 

The Coronado Trail offers exceptional views of forest-meadow country, sportsmen Lodges for off-trail hunting and fishing, wildlife, and former gold camps. The trail ends in the south at Morenci with its huge copper pits. Four rivers lie in the forest including: the Black, Little Colorado, the Blue, and the San Francisco. Elevations in the forest range From 3,500 ft. to the 11,590 foot summit of Mt. Baldy on the White Mountain Apache Indian Reservation. Some of the 24 lakes and reservoirs located in the forest are stocked for fishing, and there are more than 680 miles of clear trout streams. Primitive areas along the route are ideal for pack trips and hiking, with excellent hunting for big and small game. 

Big Lake Recreational Area 

Located twenty-three miles south of Eagar in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, Big Lake is stocked each fall and spring with approximately 3,000,000 trout. The area boasts three of the best campgrounds in the State, a store, boat rentals and guided nature walks. In the fall, the Big Lake area becomes a pallet of color. 

Madonna of the Trail 

The Madonna of the Trail is one of twelve statues built across the country in the 1930's to honor the Spirit of the Pioneer Woman. The statue is located on Main Street in Springerville, across the street from the Post Office. 

Round Valley Ensphere 

    The Round Valley Ensphere is a dramatic manifestation of the vision  and courage of the twin communities of Eagar and Springerville,  Arizona. As a facility, it is the first high school field house  enclosing a football field. With a diameter of 440 feet, it provides  a field area of 113,000 Sq. Ft. for football, a 200 meter track  and 100 m-100 yard dash, long and high jump, pole vault and seven  combination basketball/tennis/volleyball and badminton courts, a  softball diamond and seating for 5,000. It also lends itself to many community activities, conventions, exhibitions and fairs. 
    Structurally, it is the embodiment of the Ensphere technology. 
As its core is a new timber-to-timber connector, which transmits 
in excess of 100% fixity. This, together with a new arcuated reticulum produces a structured of superior rigidity, yet requiring significantly Less timber and steel. 
    It is the first dome of its kind which is fully daylighted, letting 
not only light but also heat to enter the 8,000,000 cubic feet of 
    The dome shell is insulated to a R28. Together with natural 
ground heat emission, the temperature will maintain itself to 
within a few degrees year round. It will, thus, require a minimum of energy. Acoustically, the shell ceiling absorbs 90% of sound, thus creating clarity of voice announcements and musical 
performances. With its renewable bio-helio base material of wood, coupled to solar plus ground heating, the Round Valley Ensphere at Eagar is a conscious effort to full responsiveness to the environment. 

Owner:The Round Valley Unified District No. 10- Springerville,Az 

Rossman Schneider Gadbery Shay-Scottsdale AZ 

Sletten Construction Co. - Great Falls, Montana 

Springerville Volcanic Field

1, 158 square miles of volcanoes! Self guided auto tour. The Springerville Volcanic Field has fired the imaginations of visitors and inhabitants of the White Mountain area since prehistoric times. Famous author Edgar Rice Burroughs used its cones and lava flows as the opening setting of one of his "John Carter on Mars" books in 1935. 
For further information, contact:

Round Valley Chamber of Commerce 
P.O. Box 31 
Springerville, AZ 85938 
phone: (520) 333-2123
fax: (520) 333-5690

Town of Springerville
Box 390
Springerville, AZ 85938 
phone: (520) 333-2656 
fax: (520) 333-5598

Town of Eagar 
174 South Main
Box 1300
Eagar, AZ 85925 
phone: (520) 333-4128 
fax: (520) 333-5140

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